120K MT


Maxsteel runs a production capacity ofmore than 120,000 metric tons of fabricated steel per year

Maxsteel is a limited liability company registered in Dubai, UAE as a steel trader and has expanded to be a steel manufacturerwith a production capacity of more than 120,000 metric tons a year of fabricated steel.Maxsteel Industry rebar processing factory produces pre-cut and bend steel products.

The facilities are located in at least 500,000 SQFT properties in the Dubai Industrial Park with a factory area of over 170,000 SQFT.The company was established to supply steel rebar to the local UAE market and, in particular, the construction industry. Maxsteel provides certified steel products from Europe and Asia to the UAE,offering quality regulation, efficient stock control and ensuring timely supply to the customer.

Maxsteel offers quality regulation, efficient stock control and timely supply to its customers

Maxsteel delivers on different customer needs from reinforcement steel (Rebar), to cut & bend Steel, pile cages, welded wire mesh and threaded couplers.
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