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About Tabarak Investment

We are a focused private equity firm that transforms under-performing companies into better-performing businesses, while delivering high-returns to our investors.

Tabarak Investment has a fast-growing and expanding portfolio with proven achievements in successful transformative acquisitions. Through our investments, we have accelerated the growth of over a dozen companies and helped thousands of employees work in better organizations. Tabarak investment company was established in 2011 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, by a group of Emirati entrepreneurs with the ambition to play a meaningful role in powering the UAE economy through helping companies become more productive and stable, thus, supporting a more efficient private sector.

Tabarak Investment dedicated team of financial experts constantly navigates the market to select favorable opportunities where we can intervene to drive critical change and deliver high financial returns.

Our portfolio includes major equity stakes in different sectors such as Real Estate, Infrastructure, Construction, Education, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Services. Most of Tabarak entities operate locally while few operate regionally or internationally.

Our Ambition

To play a meaningful role in powering the UAE economy by building better-performing companies.

Efficient companies = efficient economy. We believe that the private sector is a critical driver of the national economy and a key job-creator of the future. Our role is to support our companies in order to operate better, compete more effectively and provide sustainable employment in the economy.

Our Values

The impact we create and our values define who we are and shape the way we conduct business. Our values are set on a foundation of 4 guiding principles that define our culture, our behaviors and how we do business. Integrity We are guided by what is right and fair. We act according to unwavering ethical and professional standards in everything we do. Integrity builds trust, and trust builds long-lasting partnerships. Aspiration We are motivated and inspired by a deep sense of purpose to encourage ourselves and others to make a difference and further develop our economy and society. Partnership We work hand-in-hand with our partners, identify mutual interests and support each other to achieve our mutual goals. Accountability We take responsibility for our actions and strive to be humble, transparent and efficient in every activity we engage in. Learn more about the impact we create.

Corporate Governance

At Tabarak, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance in the way we conduct our business and manage our portfolio of investments. We have developed a comprehensive corporate governance framework which is modeled on international best practices and complies with all regulatory requirements. Tabarak is governed by a Board of Directors with extensive private equity experience.

Our Philosophy

Tabarak team specializes in Deep-value investment approach to private equity. Our Deep-value approach is comprised of four key pillars:

1.Focused Mindset

At Tabarak, we are highly focused on identifying businesses with unique set of challenges and promising potential. Our Deep-value investment approach means that we invest in companies that are at an inflection point and in need for patient, smart capital. Our hands-on approach is our driver for uncovering value within businesses, as we turn underperformers to rising, competitive players in the economy.

2.Transformative Role

Success needs more than just capital. We play a fundamental role in helping our companies succeed and grow. We collaborate with our companies to enhance their performance by injecting capital; streamlining and expanding business operations; enhancing governance practices; scaling market reach and employing strong management teams.

3.Disciplined Risk

Our financial experts rigorously analyze the external and internal factors of potential investments to determine risk tolerance. Every opportunity must be in line with Tabarak’s investment philosophy and strategy. We do not restrict our tabarak investment choices and are always on board to explore different sectors.

We are flexible in our negotiations and are pragmatic in building our expectations. Our deal-making is governed by our solid ethical compass of integrity, honesty and transparency.

Furthermore, we cooperate with third-party financial and legal advisors to identify the fair price range of opportunities. Optimal capital structure, financing means, negotiations and most importantly, identifying catalyst factors to maximize shareholders value.

4.Returns for Investors, Prosperity for All

In every deal we make, we are focused on delivering high-returns to our shareholders while ensuring value creation for the rest of our stakeholders. When we invest in companies, we work to positively impact business growth. Providing employees with stable jobs, support our national economy and enrich our communities.