Al Falah University has the ambition to become
one of the nation’s leading institutions of higher

The University offers an exceptional teaching and learning environment lead by a distinguished academic cadre, founded on best educational practices, supported by communications technology and supplemented withextensive library resources. In this exemplary educational environment, students are motivated to understand disciplinary concepts using inter-disciplinary learning, critical thinking skills, research and knowledge application. Additionally, the university offers national, regional and international collaboration programs to its students to enrich their learning experience.

The university’s goal is to prepare its students to either become exceptional educators in their own right, or graduate to be productive players in the workplace and influential contributors to the national and regional economic development.

The University’s current academic programs in the College of Business Administration, College of Law and College of Mass Communication deliver a distinct learning methodology through linking theory with practice and supported by research-led teaching. These colleges were established to address the nation’s public and private sectors needs for graduates with these skills and disciplines.

Students benefit from programs of national, regional and international collaboration intended to enrich their education

Al Falah University is developing further educational opportunities for students, based upon a five-year strategic plan, driven, in part, by continuing market research on evolving higher education needs.
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