Emirates Future is one of the first companies in the UAE to trade in high quality livestock, frozen cattle, poultry and fish meat

The Group expanded over the last three decades to spread its operations and presence across the five continents and has become, through a string of companies, one of the largest players in the livestock trading industry worldwide.

Emirates Future’s main business activity is the trading of livestock and non-livestock products (frozen/chilled), catering to its clients of wholesalers.The group operates through an integrated business model involving procurement, transportation, farming and meat processing.

To fulfil its strategic business model, the group acquired sea vessels, fleet of trailer trucks for land transport, refrigerated storage for frozen and chilled products, farms for live animals, as well as owning slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities in six countries with ISO and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certifications. Additionally, it has ventured into research and development in areas of animal vaccines, feeds, breeding methods and experimenting with techniques to achieve transport efficiencies.

Emirates Future’s ambition is to facilitate food security initiatives by participating in the entire food supply chainto provide a variety of quality food options suitable for each market needs and purchasing power.
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The Group targets facilitating food security initiative to provide avariety of quality food options suitable for each market needs and purchasing power