Property Registration



Mubayaa is a Real Estate Registration Trustee in Dubai that helps investors in expediting the process of registering properties

The Company offers a range of affordable property registration services:
  • Mortgage: transfer property mortgages from original financier to another party.
  • Lease to Own (Ejara): real estate transfers between owners and financers in order to obtain the property’s full ownership upon the completion of installments.
  • Blocking: deals taking place between landlords and the financers which is used for obtaining full ownership of the rented property after the completion of the installments.
  • Off Plan (Oqoodi): selling properties in Dubai that are under construction.
  • Transfers: advising and executing the most efficient and appropriate method of property transfers to spouse, children, relatives or a third party.
  • Gift Transfers (Donation): passing on the property rights of a property or passing it on to a family member of a third-party member.
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